Wayfinding Signs



Do your visitors and customers have to navigate confusing hospital corridors, puzzling office hallways and unfamiliar campuses? JD Graphics offers visual communications solutions for wayfinding problems to help eliminate confusion, reduce stress and make your brand more visible. Our visual communications experts use the right mix of innovative sign and graphic solutions to help your visitors reach their destination.

Attractive wayfinding solutions are essential for helping people find their way around shopping centers, housing developments, office buildings, retail stores, events and more. Identify your location with monument signs, dimensional letters and architectural signs. Guide people with building and area directories, pictograms and colorful maps. Interact with your audience using digital signs, QR codes and more. The possibilities are endless.



Coordinating your directory signs with reception and entrance signage helps to create a seamless and consistent visitor flow around your premises.

We focus on ensuring your business directory signage is easy to read so you can inform and educate visitors throughout your premises. Speak to us about your business needs so we can advise on the best materials for your new signage. We can also supply easy to change directories so you can make changes when it suits you.


Door Signs & Nameplates

Looking for a way to map out your office and help visitors or employees find their way around? Consider door name plates. With durable plastic material and engraved printing, your sign is built to last. These office door name plates can be fully personalized with an assortment of options that let you tailor your interior office signs to your taste. Label offices, conference rooms, hallways and more, and show people around your workspace.


Plaques can be used for many things, to mark an area of importance, signpost a reception area, celebrate a special opening or commemorate an occasion or person.

Simple but effective, plaques can be made to any size allowing them to stand out and provide a professional impression of your business. From standard reception signs to larger business signs, we provide plaques in a range of materials including acrylic, brass, aluminium and Perspex.


Wall Graphics

Custom wall graphics, sometimes known as wall decals or wall stickers, help you add style to your home or office. Made from a self-adhesive fabric that looks great and won’t damage your walls.

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