Kitchen Wrap

Stylish kitchens, it’s a wrap!

At JD Kitchen Wraps, we take great pride in our history of challenging conventions and moving boundaries.

As highly innovative, creative and forward thinking, premium quality architectural wraps provider in kitchen wrapping, we remain firmly committed to our primary mission of moving the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” in the kitchen wrapping field and challenging the conventions.


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Key Benefits

  • The highest quality; premium kitchen wrapping and finishes at the most competitive rates on the market

  • Delivering a whole new level of efficiency of service and professionalism

  • Transcending the Traditional Methods and Approaches to kitchen decor

  • All work guaranteed with 10-year warranty

  • Save 40-80% compared to a traditional kitchen refurbishment

  • No mess and less downtime

  • Much more economically friendly by up-cycling

Kitchen Wrap FAQ's

1So, how much could I actually save?
It varies depending on the size of your kitchen as well as the finish and taste you are looking for. You will save between 40% and 80%.
2but, why don't I just replace?
A few reasons why kitchen wrapping is so much better. Firstly, is the cost saving, it can be expensive to replace your kitchen, all the doors will need to be custom made to your kitchen specification. Secondly it is much more environmentally friendly to keep your existing kitchen and recover to get a new effect. Finally it will be much less upheaval than ripping everything out and replacing.
3OK, so what are my colour and style options?
There a literally thousands of possibilities of all ranges and colours. You can download our product brochure to get an idea or even the COVERSTYL' APP, But, it will be best to have a chat with one of our JD Kitchen Wrap team to go through samples.
4What kind of preparation is required?
Very minimal, all we ask is that you make sure your kitchen is a clean as you can ready for us to start our work.
5But, my kitchen is a mess and some of it is damaged?
We will always discuss any damage or problem ares in the initial consultation. We have special systems to repair but this is a refurbishment service so we will manage your expectation from the start.
6How about traditional moulded kitchen doors?
That's not a problem, we have a special installation system for these types of doors and will amaze you with the final finish.
7So, how long does it take?
Again, this will all depend on the size of your kitchen. We can do a full kitchen wrap between 1 - 4 days. Sometimes we will remove kitchen doors so they can be worked on in our workshop and returned the next day. We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround and minimal interruption.
8Can my worktop also be wrapped?
Yes, this is very common for us to do and almost all worktops can be wrapped. There are different options available so best to talk to one of our JD Kitchen Wrap team to discuss.
9How durable is the material then?
The material we use is of the highest quality and unlike other kitchen wrap companies ours is actually designed specifically for internal resurfacing. Therefore it is made to withstand practical use and is scratch resistant. The wrap will typically last for 10 years but it depends how it is looked after.
10So, how should a care for the wrap then?
Care for it the same way you would with your current kitchen. Simply wipe down any spillages using soapy water or most cleaning products. All the materials we use are 100% waterproof too.
11Can anyone use your service, I know other that might be interested?
Absolutely! In fact we offer a referral bonus if you pass our name to others. And not just simply kitchen owners - we work with landlords, businesses, estate agents, developers and in commercial sectors like offices, hotels and leisure centres.
12OK you coninced me.... How do I get in touch?
Fantastic! You can call, email or send us a message through social media. Someone from our professional team will be ready to help and advise you the next steps.


Why Us?

By working with JD Kitchen Wrap, you will be putting something as important as your kitchen wrapping in safe hands by entrusting its creation and implementation to the highest quality craftsman that have an impeccable track record providing extraordinary results since 2013.

If you want to build your own beautiful kitchen that will thrill and mesmerise you every time you enter it, you will need a team of the highest quality, experienced, outstanding and creative experts to work by your side. That team is JD Kitchen Wrap team.

Our highly qualified experts are at your service for the purposes of guidance, designing and implementation– we take a unique approach of making sure our experts are there for you to accompany and assist you through every step of the way to exceptional results. With decades of experience every single one of our team members possess firm dedication to quality and readiness. Always ready go the extra mile in order to ensure your satisfaction and make sure  we achieve exceptional results on time, every time.





Are you ready to get the kitchen wrap of your dreams? Let’s have a chat about it.

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